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Brianna McClain


(763) 443-6235

Brianna McClain began her career in the financial industry 14 years ago and has worked extensively in several fields, including non-profit, closely held businesses, and real estate. She has successfully built teams in each of these areas and values the core principles of teamwork and collaboration in financial planning. Brianna assists clients in building unique, personalized strategies that can be executed in a clear and concise process. Brianna grew up in a large family and has had the opportunity to see, on a personal level, the outcomes of different financial decisions. Brianna attended the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management for Finance and Business Management and began her career as a financial advisor immediately after. In her free time, she loves to travel, golf, play volleyball and softball, spend time on the lake, and with family and friends.

Dan Johnson


After a 20-year career in professional baseball and more than 20 years of investment experience, has seen firsthand the consequences of poor financial planning - how a lack of financial education and placing trust in others without fiduciary responsibilities - can impact you personally and professionally. He has taken his passion, dedication, and focus as an athlete and coach to build success, and is committed to consistently helping others reach a level of success they deem necessary to live a rewarding life. Daniel has a successful track record of leading high performing teams and helping organizations achieve significant growth and prosperity. It is his understanding of individual and business dynamics, market insights, strength in team building, and relentless dedication that has made him so effective and relatable.