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How We Work

We will sit down with you and your loved ones to discover who you are and show you how we work. We will build a profile that gives a snapshot of where you are today and develop goals with you to track your progress. Once your priorities are identified, we will build a strategy to assist you in achieving your goals. This is the point if we decide we will work together.

We are fiduciaries that have the ability to charge for our advice, but choose to give you our analysis and planning at no cost to you. We believe this process is more welcoming, open, and effective than charging a fee to meet with us. 

Our clients meet with us as frequently as they like, but will do a full review at least once a year. This allows us to hear any updates about your life, goals, and situation while providing you with clarity, understanding, and confidence that you are on track.

We view our clients as life long partners to assist in making their dreams turn into plans and turn plans into reality.