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AJ  Johnson

AJ Johnson grew up in a northern suburb of Minneapolis, Coon Rapids, in a hard-working family that thought finances are to be kept a secret and financial advising was for the wealthy only. Not knowing what he did not know about what was possible with proper financial advice, AJ missed out on opportunities he could have benefited from and taken advantage of. AJ was shocked when he met with an advisor for the first time. His wife and he have 3 children, one with special needs, and it was brought to their attention that there are programs to make sure their daughter with special needs is financially taken care of. He found it unfortunate that these tools were available and only taught to him through an advisor. This is why he got into financial advising; to help people plan for the lives, prepare for the predictable and unpredictable obstacles in life, and build a network of enjoyable people that he will spend a lifetime helping to achieve their goals.